We partner with RAÍZ CAEMBA

From day one, Zikomo proudly partners with RAÍZ CAEMBA, to support women in underserved and vulnerable communities in Ecuador. We create jobs for women who are head of families and live in the poorest areas of the Coast of Ecuador

How do we work together?

We decided to join forces with Raíz Caemba and work with a group of women who are part of 'Casa de la Mujer' Cutting and Sewing Workshop. The work they do is the only livelihood for their families. 

We developed a joint product, our beautiful 'Pouch Bags'. In order to promote work and fair trade in the community, they make these pieces and we buy them at a fair price, ensuring the sales of each production they make. 

Each bag has a face, a name, an emotion of who made it. By acquiring this bag, you are collaborating with a life project, a home and a family.


To learn more about the projects led by Raíz Caemba and contribute more, click here

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